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Affordable and Stylish Flooring For Large Spaces

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

So you're laying down flooring in a large space. While we often think of flooring as being fairly straightforward, there are actually many options available, especially in this day and age. If you're looking for a more industrial space, there are plenty of commercial concrete polishing companies currently on the market that can help you lay down the perfect concrete flooring. Conversely, you could spend more to cover a large space with flooring that is a bit flashier.

The type of flooring you choose for your project will be dependent in part on how much you want to or can spend, the function of the space itself, and the look you're trying to achieve. Let's explore some of the flooring options that you may want to consider.

1. Concrete

As previously mentioned, concrete flooring is now widely available due to the advent of commercial concrete polishing companies, among other things. There are several benefits to concrete flooring as you attempt to cover a large space. For one thing, concrete is smooth and easy to clean. Additionally, it's quite affordable, often recommended as an economical option for spaces that exceed 2,500 square feet, according to Remodelista. The concrete provided by commercial concrete polishing companies is also quite attractive.

2. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is often chosen as an alternative to wood flooring. It's less expensive than hardwood flooring or tile flooring, while at the same time having much of the same look. Installation is also fairly easy and can be done quickly. Water-resistant and easy to maintain, vinyl flooring is often favored for its ease of access.

3. Tile Flooring

The interesting thing about tile floors is that they can vary in appearance, with some even looking like hardwood. However, they can crack, which will mean that you'll have to replace the cracked tile.

Putting flooring in a large space can be difficult. However, with lots of research you'll be able to find the right option. Reach out to us today if you would like any more information on different types of flooring.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 15

Highly recommend checking out Flooring Stores if you're looking to upgrade your large space on a budget. Their vinyl plank options are not only affordable but also incredibly stylish – we found the perfect match for our home!

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